Steel & Ceramic Materials


Cast Basalt is a volcanic rock, which is cast in a method similar to that of cast iron. After annealing, it forms a re-crystallized black ceramic of extreme hardness and abrasion resistance. In addition it will withstand temperatures of up to 800º Fahrenheit. Linings made of Cast Basalt are proven to last six to ten times longer than steel, cast iron, ni-hard, etc., depending upon impact exposure.

C.L. Smith Industrial Company supplies straight pipes, elbows and fittings such as tees and wyes designed to customer specifications. Piping components are manufactured in a variety of sizes. Pipes and fittings can be designed to adapt to virtually any pipe system by the use of adaptor flunges or couplings.


CeramicsAlumina ceramic liners for coal and other material handling and processing industries. Ceramic liners provide long-lasting solutions to the problems caused by abrasive wear and corrosion in a variety of hostile environments. Alumina ceramic linings will outlast lower grade materials commonly used to line or protect processing and material handling equipment, including Basalt, stainless steel, carbon steel and wear resistant plates, by factors of 3 to 15 times.

Our variety of ceramics come in styles and shapes to fit almost any application and are available through our warehouse inventory, shop installation and by field service crews.

Isopressed Ceramics

Isopressed CeramicsComplete line of isopressed ceramic cylinders. Second only to diamonds in hardness (+9 Mohs), cylinders provide outstanding wear resistance. Cylinders can be manufactured with inside diameters ranging from three to twelve inches with a minimum wall thickness of one-half inch. This design increases the wear life by limiting the number of parallel joints within the ceramic component.

C.L.Smith Industrial Company recommends that isopressed ceramic cylinders be installed with epoxy adhesive or high temperature mortar, when applicable.

Applications: bottom ash systems, dust collection, cyclones, valves, apexes.

Silicone Carbide

Silicone CarbideComplete line of nitrite bonded silicon carbide, the most wear-resistant ceramic product. Nitrite bonded silicon carbide can be manufactured in a wide variety of complex shapes and sizes and can withstand temps up to 2800ºF. Superior for heat resistance and strength, and offers high thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance.

Nitrite bonded silicon carbide can be used in coal-fired power plants, mineral processing, chemical and metal industries.

Applications: Wear/burner blocks, burner scrolls, spray nozzles, venturi vanes, anti-roping burner barrel liners, cylinders, periphery liners, shutoff valves, apexes, coal chute liners.

Tungsten Carbide

Fabricated and/or tungsten carbide lined components. Tungsten carbide is a carefully controlled and processed combination of tungsten and cobalt powders. The best method to attach carbide is by silver oxide brazing. Induction electronic brazing forms a strong structural bond which supports the carbide and keeps it securely in place.

  • Superior surface protection against wear
  • Brazed parts can withstand extreme heat, in some cases to 800ºF (426ºC).
  • Brazed tensil strength can meet or exceed strength of parent metal.
  • Shear strengths are regularly in excess of 20,000 PSI (138 MPa) and can reach 50,000 PSI (344 MPa).
  • Withstands it and abrasion.

Applications: High efficiency blade liners, exhauster (paddle) blades, whizzer blades, fan assemblies (whizzer, spider), bullnose liner, crushing hammers, augers.